E-paper timetable

Real time updating of your transport system timetables.

Real time updating of your transport system timetables

Easy to install, passenger information always up to date, discover the dynamic E-paper timetable developed by Lumiplan.

Reduced operating costs

The dynamic timetable puts an end to the need to have an employee update the timetables at each stop. Updating is performed centrally in real time, thereby ensuring valid information is available at all times across the whole of the network.

Self-contained power

The E-paper dynamic timetable designed by Lumiplan can run on Lithium batteries. It can therefore be attached to any type of support and requires no connections. The bi-stable technology of E-paper maintains a given display without consuming electricity.

Dynamic content

The E-paper dynamic timetable is used for distributing content ergonomically for immediate reading.

Content creation service

Lumiplan offers a design service for creating content jointly with the customer’s marketing department.


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