Welcoming, informing, and ensuring safety on the slopes

Interconnected, intelligent media for optimizing the customer welcome and experience, tailored to the current conditions.

Dynamic, panoramic maps of the ski slopes

Real time info in XXL format for getting one’s day off to a good start

At the foot of the slopes, the giant dynamic, panoramic map shows customers (around 50% in France) who are unfamiliar with the resort to discover and picture themselves in the ski grounds to simulate their course. Lumiplan invented the “direct reading” map, with LEDs embedded directly in the map for immediate understanding of the situation. In less than ideal conditions, it’s a great way of knowing the safest places to go. And to find one’s bearings in a ski area, sector maps are also indispensable.


Banners and screens with variable messages

On gateways or totem stands, the right information, right where it’s needed

Tip of the day? fickle weather? temporary stoppage? Our ultra-bright LED media coupled with context-driven “smart status” messages from snow news agency Infoneige will provide you with the right information in the right place at the right time to help put you on the right track.


Special avalanche risk boards

Because you don’t fool around with safety!

Avalanche risk information is compulsory across several locations in the ski grounds. Lumiplan has developed dedicated dynamic panels (LED indicators + Flash), combining efficient readability with high-quality manufacture and cost effectiveness. In addition, the use and management of these avalanche risk panels are facilitated by the control systems of your choice: automatic control by Infoneige or manual control.

Giant, high-brightness HD LED screens

Informing, promoting, entertaining – dream making

Lumiplan has developed a range of giant “special snow” LED (CMS) colour screens in sizes of 2 to over 20 square metres with 4 to 8 mm pitch. The technology used gives unparalleled levels of readability (brightness & contrast), boosting the effectiveness of the resort’s communication and promotion outdoors, even against bright snow. Lumiplan also offers its expertise in the creation of suitable content in order to make the most of each installation.


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