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Lumiplan integrates the CATP catalogue with its on-board and ground passenger information solutions


Following a call for tenders launched by the Central Purchasing Office for Public Transport (CATP), Lumiplan has just won the contracts to supply on-board visual and audio passenger information systems, as well as the supply of passenger information terminals on the ground for a minimum period of three years. On this occasion, Lumiplan’s Managing Director Henry Gaillard declared “The listing of our ranges in the CATP catalogue is a great satisfaction for Lumiplan and its teams. It is a mark of recognition and the result of a close collaboration with public transport stakeholders that we have been conducting for more than 20 years.”

The CATP offer “On-board Visual and audio passenger information”

Aiming for a new generation of multimedia solutions

CATP has chosen to reference visual and sound information systems (IVS) for PMR compliance. Lumiplan equipment can be interfaced with existing ticketing and EAS systems in vehicles. To complete this offer, CATP also offers 19″, 29″ and 38″ multimedia TFT screens. This new range of robust, stylish and modular Full HD displays is available in single-sided, double-sided and segmented versions. They allow you to display real-time information, passenger information such as route maps, maps and external content such as exchange centre timetables, Twitter feeds, weather, city news and tourist information.

The CATP offer “Lumiplan ground passenger information kiosk”

A complete range with optimized power consumption

Lumiplan offers public purchasers a wide range of passenger information terminals for outdoor or indoor use; various power sources (230V, public or solar lighting), multiple display technologies (LCD, LED or TFT) and communication modes (GPRS, 3G/4G, TETRA). The Lumiplan range integrates all the constraints of maintainability, energy consumption and integration into existing network structures (mast, shelter, etc.) from the design stage. Finally, all our terminals are controlled by a flexible and secure software solution that interfaces with all the SAEs on the market.

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