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Lumiplan launches LEANSKI, a system for monitoring skier flows and real-time guidance

Lumiplan, a leader in signage and dynamic information solutions, has developed an innovative system for monitoring skier flows and real-time guidance.


The problems of saturation zones on the slopes cause potential safety and comfort problems for skiers on the one hand and maintenance problems and premature deterioration of the snow cover on the other hand for operators.

In response to this context, Lumiplan has created a system, called LEANSKI, that allows ski lift operators and slope services in smart resorts to enter a new era in the management of their ski area. System including in particular:

– Measurement of the passages at the entrance gates of the ski lifts

– Measurement of waiting times in the lift queues (per camera)

– Continuous and real-time measurement of skier flows on the slopes by special sensors (SKIFLUX)

– Real-time data processing by our Infoneige software

– Broadcasting messages on LED screens and displays located on the ski area to inform and guide skiers

– Dynamic and autonomous directional arrows

– Display of information in the mobile application and on the interactive track map of the station’s website (solutions published by Lumiplan)

– Export of statistical data allowing the improvement of resource management (Dianeige expertise)

This advanced monitoring and flow control allows ski area managers to trigger the display of messages to skiers, ensuring a better customer experience on the ski area.

The pilot stations – where this device is visible (April 2017) in the form of a “full-scale field test” – are Les Arcs (waiting time and dynamic arrows) and Val Thorens (flow and LED panels).


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