Destination signs & interior display units

High-quality display and controlled consumption.

Legible information with excellent contrast

Lumiplan offers a complete range of weather vanes and internal displays to meet all market needs.


A range labeled ITxPT

Lumiplan weather vanes and interior displays are integrated into the ITxPT catalog of labeled modules:

ITxPT_Label_black_CMYK official

Adaptable to all types of vehicle

With all the different types of available support, Lumiplan destination signs and in-vehicle display units can be adapted to all types of vehicle : regular, articulated, minibus, etc. Maintenance facilities are designed in to ensure easy access on board the vehicles.

Masters of technology

Lumiplan is fully conscious of energy issues in collective transport and provides a range of low-consumption destination signs for buses, based on latest-generation CMS diodes.

Lumiplan’s range of destination signs and in-vehicle display units have excellent contrast, ensuring good legibility and a 120° viewing angle. Several display types are available: colour, bimodal, and single-colour (amber or white).

These products are very rugged and come with an extended guarantee.


Pilot© control console

The Pilot control console is designed to facilitate the importation and updating of operating data by Wi-Fi, USB flashdrive, or Ethernet.

1DIN and 2DIN versions are both available.

Over 100,000 destination signs in circulation In France

In France

  • Grenoble
  • Lille
  • Nantes
  • Paris
  • Strasbourg



  • Algeria : Algiers, Mostaganem, Sidi bel Abbès
  • Greece : Athens, Thessaloniki
  • Indonesia
  • Italy : Milan, Naples, Rome, Turin
  • Malaysia : Kuala Lumpur
  • Oman : Muscat
  • Netherlands : Utrecht
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