Information terminals at stops and in stations

Quality information for a more pleasant wait and better orientation.

Dynamic, real time information

Armed with information on the next arrivals and connections at the stop, or on possible disruptions to the service, passengers are better able to plan their wait and optimize their journey.


Information terminals in Nice, France

Masters of technology

Lumiplan information terminals feature a rugged, modern design that blends in perfectly with the urban landscape at their location. They can be installed on masts, posts, as upright displays or on bus shelters powered by public lighting mains, solar energy, or batteries. Connectivity-wise, they are highly versatile: 3G, 4G, Tetra, Radio, or Ethernet interfacing with existing operating assistance and passenger information systems. An audible announcement module can be easily included in Lumiplan terminals.


Information terminals in Aix-en-Provence, France


Information terminals LumiNextBus in Fréjus – Saint-Raphaël, France. © CAVEM – C.Delville.

A range referenced in the CATP catalogue

Lumiplan passenger information terminals are referenced at the Central Purchasing Office for Public Transport (CATP): ttps://


We have over 12 000 information terminals in operation, 500 of them outside France

Lumiplan_SmartMobility_BIV_Nimes_2021In France

  • TCL Lyon
  • CTS Strasbourg
  • TAG Grenoble
  • Lens – Artois Gohelle
  • TAN Nantes
  • RTM Marseille
  • Nice





  • Ecuador : Cuenca, Santa Elena
  • Greece : Thessaloniki
  • Italy : Naples
  • Morocco : Rabat
  • New Caledonia
  • Romania
  • Switzerland : Geneva, Lausanne



*PIT : Passenger information terminal
*HFBS : High frequency bus service
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