Interchange panels
and platform display units

Extensive choice of content and formats.

Orienting passengers more easily for a better service

With the information available on interchange panels and platform display units, passengers always have good information on the various connecting lines and their platforms.

Dynamic, real time information

Master departure panels in stations and multimodal road and sea interchanges, with TFT, LED, or LCD, technology and offering an extensive choice of easy-to-read content. Thanks to better guidance, passengers find it easier to head for the right platform.

Masters of technology

Screens designed for indoor or outdoor installation and for interfacing with existing systems. An audible announcement module can be easily included in Lumiplan terminals.

30 road and sea interchanges are fitted with Lumiplan solutions at the time of writing (France, New Caledonia…). 

Lumiplan_EcransExterieurs_GareGrenoble Lumiplan_AfficheursQuai_GareGrenoble

Interchange panels and platform display units in Grenoble’s railway station.

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