Multimedia screens

Extended communication features for public transport authorities and operators.

Abundant information for passengers

With the Lumiplan information screens, operators and Mobility Organising Authorities offer enhanced and relevant content to travellers.



Dynamic information display

Modernize your communication to users with our range of TFT multimedia screens, often referred to as “on-board multimedia systems”, which enable the following :

  • Display of enhanced passenger information to users: route line diagram, next stop, arrival time at destination;
  • Display of institutional content : promotion of the region or district, route network information;
  • Display of connected information: station timetables, weather, horoscope, etc.



Extended features

  • Customizable colour and graphics.
  • Intuitive content management software.
  • Simplified update by USB flashdrive or remotely by Wi-Fi or 3G/4G network.

Complete range

  • 19″, 29″, 37″, and 48″ screens.
  • Single or double sided.
  • Located in the passageway or built into the ceiling.

Adaptable systems

  • Interoperability with third-party systems.
  • A brightness adapted to the ambient lighting.

A range labeled ITxPT

Lumiplan passenger information screens are integrated into the ITxPT catalog of labeled modules:

ITxPT_Label_black_CMYK official

A range referenced in the CATP catalogue

The on-board visual and sound information system proposed by Lumiplan is referenced at the Centrale d’Achat du Transport Public (CATP):


Over 10,000 multimedia screens installed In France

In France

  • Chamonix
  • Dunkerque
  • Grenoble
  • Nantes
  • Paris
  • Saint-Etienne
  • Strasbourg



  • Ivory Coast : Abidjan
  • Indonesia
  • Italy : Venice
  • Malaysia : Kuala Lumpur
  • Slovenia : Maribor Ljubljana

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