Full colour information Screens

A profusion of multimedia content in full colour and high definition.

Faithful colour rendering and high definition display

Full colour outdoor information panels bring your messages to life. Colour gives the images realism and depth. The Intel Full HD graphics card and the contrast enhancement system ensure a matchless display quality.

Available in both portrait and landscape format, the colour screens come in multiple display sizes so there is one to match your exact needs.

By night or by day, your content is heightened, with the variable pitches* ensuring perfect visibility.

The optimum resolution makes the screens ideal for communicating about events as well as for seamless broadcasting of all types of multimedia content: photos, animations, videos.

A new lease of life for your communication with citizens

The full colour outdoor information screens lead to more dynamic and modern communication with citizens while blending in perfectly with the urban landscape.

Offer your municipality a new centrepoint for broadcasting information on institutions and events and also advertising displays. The colour screen with its attractive format is the ideal tool for announcing concerts, festivities, and miscellaneous town news to pedestrians in public places.

Colour LED

The colour LED screens come with our LumiAir™ and LumiSun™ technologies, giving a very reliable, luminous display that remains optimum over time. The choice of superior quality components also guarantees the installations a long service life.

Available display sizes: 1.60 and 1.90 square metres at 6.9mm pitch / 2.20 square metres at 4.8mm pitch.

LCD Colour

With LCD technology, enjoy high quality displays at every turn. Institutional or advertising campaigns become easy on this upright display as its portrait format is compatible with bus shelter advertisements (120 x 176).


Available display area: 75? diagonal.

Interactive outdoor terminals

Offer the townspeople a unique experience by providing dynamic information on a TFT 42? interactive touchscreen. These Full HD screens are ideal for planning waits in bus stations and an efficient way of informing passers-by in public places and broadcasting all kinds of other information when consulted by the townspeople.


*The dot pitch is the distance between adjacent LED. It defines the resolution of an LED screen. The further the intended viewing distance, the greater the pitch will be. For outdoor displays, the pitch is chosen according to the panel’s optimum viewing distance.