Guiding and managing people flows

Innovative solutions for managing people flows and providing dynamic guidance to customers in the ski grounds.

Waiting time and traffic measurement

Managing waiting times and traffic on the slopes is a key factor in customer satisfaction and optimized operation

Lumiplan has developed a unique, complete system for measuring and managing waiting times, and distribution of traffic on the slopes. Using the Leanski algorithm and the Infoneige supervision interface, operators can at any time supervise the flows on his ski area. They can use this data to enable better management of snowmaking and snow grooming by a better spread of ski traffic.


Informing and guiding for smoother traffic

Real measured efficiency

To ensure smooth traffic on the slopes, the operator can display waiting times in the form of an interactive map and variable positive messages on dedicated media installed on the slopes, push notifications to the app, etc. We have measured e real change in behaviour when messages are properly understood.



A “smart green” innovation

When technology becomes the ally of the environment

In its constant search for greater efficiency for operators and their customers, Lumiplan has devised a very cost effective, self-contained “smart” system for providing real-time information all the way down to the direction arrows. The data comes from our Leanski and Infoneige systems. Specific LED displays are provided by solar/radio technology 100% made by Lumiplan. No foundation work, no buried cable runs, and no mains electricity consumption! This unique solution puts cutting edge technology within reach of all resorts no matter what their size.


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