Improving the experience and sharing it with family and friends

to spend an unforgettable stay.

Lumiplan always keeps the search for emotions in mind when developing “official” mobile apps along with the SKI+ itinerary tracker and fun-to-use photo and video systems.

Leading publisher of official mobile applications for resorts

Lumiplan released the first mobile app for resorts in France in 2009 and in no time at all established itself as the benchmark provider. With prestigious references in France, the USA, Russia, and Japan, these apps so far count over 8 million downloads. The mountain experience combines with that of Lumiplan City, which has rolled out over 300 French town and city applications.

Lumiplan’s iOS/Android mobile apps provide the destination’s administrators with a comprehensive tool to offer its clientele. For use leading up to and throughout the on-the-spot experience, it’s also a means of creating greater bonds with customers. The whole ski area shown live, geolocalized interactive itineraries, a directory, weekly events, 3 or 5 day weather forecasts, webcams… Everything one needs to avoid missing out and to spend an unforgettable stay… Then share it!

Retracing one’s descents and carrying off challenges with SKI+

SKI+ is the ideal tool for chronicling ski days and winning the badges and challenges set by resorts and their partners.

SKI+ is included in every Lumiplan official resort application and is also available as the “SKI+” app from Apple and Android download services. All users can monitor their performances and compare them with their community of SKI+ friends. For a resort, SKI+ is an original, fun-to-use, positive tool for inspiring and rewarding loyal customers, thanks to the challenges evoked by iconic locations, specific descents, summits, isolated events, or other features. Challenges can also be sponsored. An additional opportunity to create bonds with customers and an invaluable “buzz” tool.

Enshrining and sharing magic moments

Lumiplan, with its partner Trinum, provides operators and local authorities image capture solutions at the service of the customer experience. Highlighting of iconic locations, souvenir photos on a fun attraction, instructional film on a freestyle park… Smile, you’re on camera!

With their joint experience of enlivening leisure areas, Lumiplan and Trinum have achieved a high level of technical mastery in order to offer operators and local authorities nifty, reliable image capture solutions at the service of the customer experience. Besides the pleasure of providing tangible memories of an unforgettable moment, these devices also generate extra revenue for the operator as well as CRM* data (GDPR* compliant).

*CRM: Customer Relationship Management
*GDPR: General Data Protection Regulation

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