The normalised open source solution for your mobility offering

LumiData makes the most of your region mobility data.

As a long-term Open Source solution, it guarantees the independence and governance of your data.


Capitalise on and manage your mobility data

Access all your mobility data (public transport, parking, cycling and other mobility services) in the same repository. LumiData manages information in real time and aggregates data from other operators to provide comprehensive and essential information for travellers. This Open Source solution guarantees the governance and durability of your regional data.

Publish quality data

LumiData collects, enriches, stores and publishes mobility data for your region. Your data is quality-enhanced in LumiData and then published to feed other digital solutions in order to offer high-quality digital services. LumiData complies with standards and the LOM law, particularly as regards the opening up of data and accessibility.

Build your MaaS solution

The management and governance of data from the public and private sectors are crucial when implementing MaaS solutions. LumiData is at the heart of MaaS applications and guarantees the independence and governance of your regional mobility data.

Support & assistance

Technology is only a tool to help you accomplish your missions. Okina’s experts will support you and share you best practice in managing, controlling and improving the quality of your data. Our experience in the operational deployment of data repositories has enabled us to put in place a proven methodology for ensuring data quality. Our tools enable us to monitor data flows to guarantee you a high level of service.

LumiData, an offering powered by our subsidiary Okina.

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