Aggregation and sharing real-time passenger information.

Aggregation and sharing real-time passenger information

Aggregation and distribution of passenger information MobiFlux is a powerful solution enabling public transport authorities and operators and transportation platform integrators to aggregate and disseminate information acquired from different multimodal or multi-network OA/PI* systems as well as from Open Data.

The implementation of SIRI and GTFS-RT standards guarantees the interoperability of the real-time PI data.

MobiFlux uses cloud technology for a better load response and enables the following:

  • Aggregation and sharing of real-time passenger information;
  • Constructing a single, standardized gateway.



General architecture and functions

  • Acquisition of real time data from many OA/PI systems and Open Data.
  • TRANSMODEL real-time data standardization.
  • Instant distribution of real-time data to customers and users.
  • Supervision of information and compilation of statistics.
  • Automatic synchronization of the data with the theoretical data server.
  • Secure access for customers and user management.
  • Chronicling of data exchange logs for subsequent analysis.


*OA/PI : Operating assistance and passenger information system