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Lumiplan acquires Soridis

This acquisition allows the group to strengthen its presence in rail transport and to complete its skills as an integrator of complex and multimodal real-time data.

Created in 1999 in Rennes, SORIDIS has established itself as a specialist in the aggregation and dissemination of real-time information, notably by developing INFOGARE, SNCF’s reference passenger information system in Ile-de-France for its Transilien activity. SORIDIS’ solution drives more than 3500 displays in more than 350 stations, providing schedules to 2.5 million passengers per day. SORIDIS also designs and deploys tools to assist in the aggregation, exploitation and dissemination of data, particularly on behalf of the Kéolis group, the STIF (Syndicat des Transports de l’Ile de France) and Rennes Métropole.

With this acquisition, Lumiplan is strengthening its leadership in France in real-time multimodal information solutions and is positioning itself as a privileged partner for Metropolises and Regions to support them in the implementation of their Urban Transport Plans. “The development of local transport is a major trend in the world’s major cities,” says Henry Gaillard, CEO of the Lumiplan Group. In this context, real-time information is a priority to ensure passenger satisfaction. SORIDIS’ skills and experience, with its high-performance and recognised solutions, enable us to strengthen our position in this high-potential market in France and abroad. »


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